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Healthy gluten free cookies made with organic gluten free flours, sweeteners & natural flavors 


At good.mood.foods we set out with a mission to bake healthy goodeelicious gluten free cookies that leave you feeling good about your choices and great about yourself. 

We've perfected a feel good indulgent snack that boasts incredible flavor and chewiness. Our cookies are baked with high quality gluten free flours, and rich with protein and fiber. You can feel good knowing our ingredients are made with organic and gluten free flours and natural sweeteners with no artificial preservatives. 

Nothing puts you in a better mood than a than a healthy, chewy and tasty snack. Try one. You won't be disappointed!

  • Taste like REAL cookies!
  • Chewy & soft
  • Made with organic gluten free flours
  • 50% less fat and sugar than your average cookie
  • NO strange aftertaste 

  • No preservatives or artificial flavors 

what makes our cookie so unique?



    so many flavor options!


    Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Coconut

    Chocolate Chip


    Almond White Chocolate

    Double Chocolate Chunk

    Dairy Free Oatmeal Raisin