Our Story


It all started with one question: Why aren't there any low sugar, nutritious, chewy gluten free cookies worth buying and eating these days?  

In early 2016, husband and wife duo Connie and Matt set out to change the way they ate after connie was experiencing severe body stiffness and a series of bad episodes of eczema outbreaks, something she has dealt with her whole life. After removing anti-inflammatory foods in their diet such as wheat, gluten and most unprocessed sugar and dairy, within a month Connie had more energy, was sleeping better and her skin cleared up like never before. This new "healthy lifestyle diet" was perfect...except for one thing. 

While Connie would venture to the local grocery store seeking out healthier snacks, she found myself constantly disappointed with her options. The gluten free cookies and snacks tasted like sawdust with an aftertaste and were often dry or hard.  They were also either filled with saturated fat or had too many simple carbs with primary ingredient being rice, butter or starch! Frustrated, Connie took it upon myself to figure out how to bake a nutritious, chewy and tasty cookie that would literally put her in a good mood. "Could she create a healthy snack that would not make her feel guilty she asked?" After an entire summer of testing what felt like hundreds of batches of cookies, blending all sorts of combinations of gluten free flours and natural unprocessed sweeteners, and a loving husband willing to be her go to taste tester, she perfected a organic gluten free and chewy cookies that didn't taste gluten free! 

Excited with their new found baking discovery, Matt suggested selling them at the local Hoboken Farmer's market.  The summer was a success and now Connie and Matt bake and sell their cookies in local New Jersey stores and online. They have loved every minute of this adventure and are excited for more to come. 

-Connie & Matt , co-owners of Good.Mood.Foods